Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ChatterPix: Visualizing Student Voice

Creating a culture where students feel safe and empowered to share their ideas and creations is an important goal. Traditional models include Q&A sessions, group discussion, writing pieces, and presenting one's work in exhibition-based activities.

Yesterday in our STEM Certificate class, teachers in the program shared a variety of edtech products. One that I would like to share is a simple iTunes app. It is called ChatterPix. What you can do is add a voice recording to images and insert an animated mouth over the picture. In addition to being pretty hilarious to watch, the ability to add audio recordings to images creates all sorts of learning opportunities. For instance, a student could narrate the voice of a historical figure or produce a creative poem or story quote for a fictional character. The app is free and I tested the product and it took me three minutes to produce a ChatterPix recording.