Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coursolve: Digital Internships

Securing a job often requires prior experience in the field. This situation presents a catch 22 for many job seekers as they can't get the job they want unless they have experience, and since they don't have experience they can't get that job that demonstrates prior experience. Historically one way to overcome this barrier was to get an internship. Now internships are tough to get too; and in many cases, competitive internships require prior experience as well. 

OK well we have a new frontier where this barrier can be overcome---Digital Internships. A leader in this area is Coursolve.  It is an online platform that provides a menu of digital internships for various industry sectors such as marketing, data analysis, business strategy, and the sciences. Internships are advertised as short projects including both paid and unpaid work experiences. By leveraging this digital menu, professionals across the globe can tap into new markets and make new connections. Currently this platform seems to cater to post-college professionals. Next steps are providing this venue to college and K12 students...