Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Coursera: MOOC, 2

About two weeks ago I visited a school where the 9th grade students were designing smart-connected products for a 21st century classroom (e.g. wrist band for automatic attendance, alternative powered parking spaces, smart lunch tables for  ordering food). I was there to check out their work and give feedback on their design and business plan. One group, and in particular one student, had a knack for coming up with business cases for their products. As we talked I could sense he was really hungry to learn more but he didn't know where to go. My follow up with him was you should check out all the MOOCs that have tons of courses on business and other finance related topics.

This story is an opener to my second blog entry on MOOCs. Today I would like to share with you Coursera. This is a well known MOOC; there are nearly 1000 courses offered by over 100 institutions that cover a ton of topics. If you open the search filter, for example, I counted 25 categories such as education or business, and some of these courses are offered in other languages than English. The best part about this is the courses are free!