Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Skillshare: connector of creatives

When you read about disruption or innovation I often see three sources. One is the producer; this is an organization that produces there own content that is unique and valuable (e.g. Apple, Tesla). Two is the connector; this is an organization that connects creatives in one location, physical or digital, that offers a venue for people to share ideas & resources (e.g. Quirky,, Amazon). Three is the enabler; this is an organization that enables creatives to make products through easy-to-use productivity tools (e.g. Adobe, Google Docs, etc.).

One organization that I want to share with you is a connector--Skillshare. They are an online learning network in which creatives share training tips in a variety of disciplines especially in the design, business and innovation space. Some of these videos are free to watch whereas others require a premium account. Definitely worth a look see.