Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Udemy: MOOC, 1

Based on the graph above, MOOC's are a hot search topic on Google. MOOC which stand for Massively Open Online Courses had a surge of interest in 2012-13 and to this day the growth is trending upward. The verdict on the effectiveness of MOOCs in increasing knowledge and other outcomes is tentative. Much more research is needed to tease out the key factors that lead to success such as collaborative features or peer assessment.

Recently I have been researching MOOCs and other online learning platforms and my plan is to share some of the big hitters over the next few weeks. The first one I want to share is Udemy. What I like about Udemy is its usability. Simple layout for search, filters to organize the lessons, and an in-depth but at the same time easily understood course outline that gives you a sense of the class goals and deliverables. I also like how there is a revenue model attached which by definition means Udemy is not a MOOC since it is not open or free. That being said the idea that anyone in the world can create a course and generate some value is a big deal especially for educators who have a lot to offer but don't have a traditional venue to share their interest and expertise.