Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Skillshare: online PD

Historically teaching has been an individual enterprise. A smart guy/gal gets on the stage and shares their disciplinary wisdom to the young minds in the classroom. This is changing. Now the internet provides learners with thousands of teachers from across the globe who can teach them simple cooking recipes to complex robotics programming language. This transformation in teaching is challenging educators to re-think their role in education. For example, many educators are taking a facilitator/guide role in the classroom to assist students in using 21st century skills to make sense of their information gathering and to help them apply it to innovative, meaningful problems.  

One resources worth checking out in this internet-driven education space is Skillshare. This platform provides online videos focused on enhancing your creativity and other design/innovation skills. You can find videos on design thinking, DIY, and entrepreneurship, which are hosted by hundreds of creatives from across the world. Better yet, if you want to share your innovative techniques with the world you can sign up as an instructor and share your ideas. There is a free version and for educators/students you can request premium access through their scholarship program.