Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blendspace: digital lesson creator

There is a ton of digital content that educators have to manage. This is definitely true for curriculum materials. One solution to this issue is providing an organizational framework to organize and deliver materials. Currently many teacher use blogs, google docs, and webquests to structure their materials. This is definitely one way to do it. But as we delve deeper into the digital world, we will need platforms focused on this content management issue.

Say hello to Blendpsace. It is a digital lesson creator that enables educators to source and organize multi-media learning materials. The way it works is you have an open canvas that is organized into grids. In each grid you can add the digital media you want to include in your lesson. For example, you start off with a video hook, then have a worksheet activity coupled with an informational website, and conclude with an assessment document. This resource is free and includes useful features such as searching for digital content within the website so you don't have to switch back n forth between windows.