Wednesday, July 2, 2014

eGFI: getting to know the E in STEM

When you think of an engineer what activities come to mind? Manufacturing? Fixing cars? Constructing bridges? If this is where your thoughts went you are not alone. Most people today think of engineering as profession geared towards mechanical and construction fields. Now these engineering pathways are the source of all kinds of cool technologies such as state-of-the-art suspension bridges and rockets ships. But there are many other engineering pathways such as biomedical, computer, or environmental that does not enter the public perception of engineering. Another problem is many people think the main role of engineers is to fix things. Engineers do fix things. But at a higher level they are problem solvers. They come up with solutions that can lead to a variety of benefits for society such as bicycle safety equipment, cyber security protocols, or wind turbine blades.

If you are looking for some info about engineering careers and want to share the possibilities of an engineering careers with kids I recommend checking out Engineering Go For It, also known as eGFI. Here you will find resources for students, teachers, and parents. One of my favorite items is an awesome engineering career poster. Definitely worth a look see.