Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Smarter Cookie: Online Coaching Tool

Teachers are busy. One way to capture this work load is to compare the various roles teachers have to a business enterprise. Teachers are part developer (e.g. lesson plans, worksheets), part marketer (e.g. hooks, storytelling, case studies), part customer support (e.g. kids, parents), part evaluator (e.g. assessments), and more. 

As teaching can be quite the work load, they need access to tools and people who can help them out. One community-based tool I checked out recently is Smarter Cookie. This digital platform provides teachers with the opportunity to take short video clips of themselves teaching, which they share with an online network of other teachers who provide feedback. On the other end, teachers can also go to Smarter Cookie to observe other teachers' videos and take away some best practices. According to research on learning, feedback is cited as a number one factor in improving learning. This goes for any learner, adults or youths.