Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Booreiland: 75 Tools for Creative Thinking

One of things I love about the design community is all the awesome strategies they have for unleashing creativity. Methods that come to mind immediately are De Bonos Thinking Hats, Sticky-note Brainstorming, and Mashups. My take on the use of design strategies is creatives latch onto a few trusted approaches and use them consistently to process ideas and generate solutions. For instance, one of my go-tos is mind-mapping on a marker board. Can get enough of it!

In education, there is a tremendous opportunity to integrate industry design strategies. I do a bunch of them with teachers and they love brainstorming/categorizing with sticky notes and doing mash-ups. If you are looking for a reference of various strategies, check out Booreiland's 75 Tools for Creative Thinking. A teacher showed it to me recently and what I like about is the cards can be visualized on a free iTunes app. If you are wondering where these creative strategies fit in your teaching, consider how Common's Core and NGSS emphasize research, working in teams, and coming up with solutions to problems which all can benefit from creative thinking strategies.