Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3D Printing, Part 5:

I struggled with what to write about in this last post because there are so many more stories and resources to share about 3D printing (e.g. material costs, industry stores, future of 3D printing, extreme examples, etc.). But when you boil it down, all the information I shared with you in previous posts aren't worth anything unless you have a 3D printer. So, let me share with you a nice resources for raising money to buy a 3D printer.

Its called This non-profit website is like a kick starter project but it focuses on getting money for teachers. What teachers can do is go this website and make a request to get funding from donors for some resources they need in the classroom. If you take a look around the website you will see teachers ask for all sorts of stuff from textbooks to field trip funding. A while back ran a big campaign to donate 3D printers to teachers. I know a couple of teachers who scored a 3D printer at this time. Even though this campaign is over, you can still go to the site and post your project. The site has raised millions of dollars for teachers, and is backed by big players like Oprah. Pretty awesome.