Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Tosh: Design Thinking Lab

Have you heard of design thinking? In industry this term has caught on like wildfire because of companies like Apple who have carved out new markets and crushed competitors with their commitment to design thinking principles. This industry philosophy is spilling over into the education arena; activity ranges from full-out graduate programs like D.School to small curriculum & training outfits that are creating kits and other educational resources. Try searching "design thinking" and "education" in Twitter and you will discover all kinds of cool stuff.

Design thinking can be defined a number of ways. Loosely defined it is a guiding principle for product design that focuses on creativity, empathy, and comprehensive evaluation. In some cases, design thinking can be defined as a process that includes clearly defined steps to navigate product development. For instance, check out D.Schools design process. If you are looking for a useful resource on design thinking check out NoTosh's Lab (thanks Anna Cotton for sharing this). NoTosh is a consultancy business that helps creative companies and school incorporate design thinking into their practices. They've worked around the globe in small and large organizations, and some of the strategies they provide to their customers are provided for free in the Lab web page.