Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Milestone: 100th week

100 weeks ago I started this blog. At first it was a bit of a slog--figuring out what to write about and how to share awesome resources in a quick and engaging manner. After many experiments, feedback, and inspiration from other creators, I feel like I have built something useful for the 400-500 unique users who visit the site every month.

Another item I am pumped about is how this 100th blog announces the launch of the STEM Certificate Program website! This teacher professional development program stems from three years of dabbling, testing, and learning in the education field. About a year ago the stars aligned and in partnership with incredible educators and engineers we launched the program. To date we have trained 115+ educators from 50+ school districts in Massachusetts. The program focuses on introducing K-12 teachers to engineering education, curriculum design strategies, and using modern technologies to inspire students in the classroom. Working on this project has been amazing, especially collaborating with the teachers and my teammates, and I am super pumped about future developments!