Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PBS: How Video Games are Created

I recently completed a few milestones at work and school so I decided to take a break over the weekend. On Sunday I pulled out the XBOX and cracked open a new video game. It was awesome--slashing away at evil ghouls, helping a bandit king find treasure, and exploring the murky swamp lands. Yeeha!

In education, video games have a lot of academic value. Kids can conceptualize video game story lines, program new games, design art work for a video game cover box, explore the math behind coding, examine the business behind the 67 billion dollar video game industry, and much more. If you are curious about bringing gaming into the classroom, start with this resource by PBS. On this web page you will find a nice summary on how games are made. I come back to this resource often when I preparing for a talk on industry careers; what I like about it is it captures the interdisciplinary nature of making video games, which provides a lot of touch points to engage student interest in STEM careers and beyond.