Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LEGO: Digital Designer

Last week I was at the FIRST Robotics headquarters in Manchester. On our way out we stopped by a small children's science museum and stumbled onto the coolest LEGO construction-- a historical LEGO version of downtown Manchester. The entire city spanned 50+feet and included so much detail!

LEGO is a big brand. There are LEGO movies, video games, toys and more. And this brand is quite big in education as well. One of the biggest investments LEGO has is in STEM education, particularly robotics (e.g. FIRST LEGO League, Mindstorms, etc.). What I want to share with you today is LEGO's Digital Designer. Its a 3D software where you can create virtual LEGO prototypes. It is easy to use and has some nice features like creating cool rendering backgrounds. Oh and its free too :)