Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TED Ed: art & pedagogy

This morning I reviewed a design-based learning project focused on mathematics--students design a craft-based boat that can hold as many pennies as possible. During their design challenge students devote a significant time calculating various buoyancy equations and tabulating the impact of penny quantity over time.

In the lesson's introduction to Archimedes Principle, the teacher included a TED Ed video link. It had been some time since I checked out TED Ed. When it first came out, I thought to myself, okay this is really cool, but they will need more time to build up the library. Well, time has passed and their digital library is well stocked. What I love about these videos is the blending of high quality design and kid friendly content. As technology advances and designers link up with more education experts, there will be more and more opportunities to deliver engaging, classroom rich curriculum like TED Ed. Exciting!