Wednesday, October 30, 2013

JumpRope: get ready for teacher assessments

Educator effectiveness measures are going mainstream. For example, in Massachusetts the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education launched an educator evaluation system that was piloted last year and is in implementation stages now. As teachers figure out how to streamline their collection of performance evidence (e.g. peer review, student portfolios, curriculum artifacts, professional training, etc.) one area that is going to need a major revamp is collating student data. 

Recently I came across JumpRope which may provide a solution for many educators. The skinny is teachers can get a free account and have access to an online management system where they can create standards-based grade books, manage student attendance and behavior, as well as create custom lesson plans using backwards design pedagogy. The interface is user friendly, and many of the features are accessible with quick pick-n-click inventories. Another aspect I like about this company is the founder is a teacher.