Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Switch Zoo: animal mashup

Have you heard of a mashup activity? The basic idea is you combine two products to make a new one. Classic example is a phone and computer and, boom, you have a smart phone. Using mashup in the classroom is a great way to warm up the creative juices. One technique is to have students mashup products that come from specific spaces. For example, mash up products in the living room (e.g. couch + extension cord = couch extension cord for powering iPad) or classroom (e.g. smart board + student desk = smartboard desks).

Last week a teacher shared a cool mashup program for animals called Switch Zoo. With this application you can mash up different animal body parts. As you pick different animals you learn about their habitat and behaviors. A great follow up is students creating an animal biography explaining the animal's mashup adaptations and how they impact survival and ecosystem impact.