Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Concord Consortium: NGSS pathfinder

NGSS is on my mind a lot lately. Following NGSS listserv through NSTA, writing curriculum linked to NGSS, wrote a grant supporting a program based on NGSS, and working on a K-12 committee for the Massachusetts STEM Summit 2013 which includes an NGSS thread. Yowzah!

Came across this resource today which is pretty sweet. Its a pathfinder for finding resources in NGSS developed by Concord Consortium. First you pick a core idea (e.g. Life Sciences), then select a practice (e.g. Modeling), and then a cross cutting idea (e.g. structure and funciton) and, boom, a series of Java-based interactive projects and other resources related to your path are listed. After playing around, I discovered a decent amount of content and it's all free.