Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Univ. Colorado Boulder: STEM Simulations

Times have changed for education. Today knowledge is a commodity that can be accessed on the internet. As a result, the classroom experience has changed. Teachers are no longer the gate keepers of knowledge in the form of textbooks and their experience. This is an opportunity. Teachers can leap frog over the necessity of dispensing information and focus on higher order skills. 

One skill is simulation. This is a high level thinking skill where students take on the role of a specialist and perform a relevant action. Simulations can be done across the school curriculum from playing the role of scientist or a baseball player in gym. For example, a student studying theater can assume the role of actor and practice a play performance in class. If you are an educator in the science and engineering world, here are some great simulation resources for your classroom provided by the University of Colorado Boulder. I recommend positioning these videos as stepping stones to improving a student's ability at being a scientist and engineer. There are a bunch of them, organized by subject and grade level, and they are free. Awesome!