Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Storyboards: WikID

Been grooving out on developing a series of how to guides related to creativity such as sketching, brainstorming, research, etc. One particular skill I did not know a lot about but instantly got hooked on is storyboard development.

In industry, there is the classic storyboard for films, typically used as a preview to capture plot lines. If you saw Argo, the "film" team's storyboard came in the clutch during the final airport exit scene. Storyboards are also used in design industries to show user experience with a product. What I like about storyboard usage in education is its a great medium to develop critical thinking and communication skills. For example, a storyboard requires you to reduce the story down to essential elements since there is only so much space to fit everything. In addition, you also have to think about aesthetics such as how camera shots or the use of font size or color impact the reader's experience. If you want to find basics on storyboarding, check out this awesome site, WikID, which I imagine will pop up time and again because it is such a classroom gold mine.