Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Common Craft: Online Research Strategies

My curriculum authoring goes hand in hand with online research. New ideas on Pinterest or Wired, searches for instructional design theories, and finding cool interactives and videos. I think many people know some shortcuts such as using quotations or filter by video or image. There is a ton more you can do.

To get started, I recommend this video from Common Craft. Afterwards, do some searches on online research strategies; there is a bunch of stuff out there. One of my go-tos is filtering searches by the site ending such as .edu or .org. This filters out personal and business narratives often found on .com or .biz. What you do is type in your search and then at the end add " or "" So if I was searching for online research strategies from higher education sites I would put "online research strategies" in the search engine box.