Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rube Goldberg: Honda Cog

For the past three months I have been learning more and more about car design. Much of it stems from conversations with my work colleagues who have a ton of interest in automotive engineering and racing. Something I was not into in the past, but this world is growing on me.

Often our car talk takes place on Fridays when we do curriculum R&D. Besides having a blast tinkering with robots and mini race cars, we also take some breaks to check out fun images, videos and articles. This week's highlight was a showing of the Honda Cog commercial which aired a couple years back. My intern had not seen it and was blown away by the fact that it wasn't a computer simulation. This is a great video to get teachers and students excited about doing Rube Goldberg assignments. For example, I know a physics teacher that uses this video to kick of a lesson on conservation of momentum and energy. As a final project the students build their own Rube Goldberg sequence.