Wednesday, October 31, 2012

M.I.T. online: ChemLab Boot Camp

About two weeks ago I attended the Massachusetts STEM Summit. One highlight was Bob Craft's opening speech when he jokingly explained how times have changed and gave examples such as "I remember when an app was something you ate before dinner or 4G was a parking space".

Another highlight of the event was a panel on online education. Speakers included representatives from WGBH Boston, MITx, and Virtual High School. It was a solid panel and resource that grabbed my attention was ChemLab Boot Camp. It's a short documentary video series about a dozen Freshman students who get trained in lab techniques. The videos give you a close up view of Freshman life in a top tier research college, and it presents cool hands-on ways to teach Chemistry. A big take away for me was these students are your typical kids who like to play pranks, do sports, and learn about cool stuff.