Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Be Ready: e-learning

Next week I am on a discussion panel at the Massachusetts STEM Conference hosted at Patriot's home turf, Gillette Stadium. The panel moderator asked the speakers to respond to a number of questions and one of them was "Are there areas of growth this collective group should be thinking about?" My answer was e-learning. I mentioned how e-learning metrics are staggering. For example, 1 in 3 college students is taking an online course and enrollment numbers are increasing 18% annually. The education context of the internet revolution cannot be ignored. Educators are in the middle of this transformational era and it is our our jobs is to explore, test and improve e-learning techniques and tools.

In my panel comments, I also listed a number of e-learning solutions that I have kept my eye on. Here is the list in no particular order: 2Tor, Udemy, CourseEra, MITX, Udacity, and Minerva. The one I want to highlight today is LessonCast. This is a great site for teachers. Short videos, with lesson procedures, and relevant classroom topics. The creators do a great job at visualizing the information with snappy props such as sticky notes and there are helpful follow up resources which you can dig into for deeper understanding.