Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drawing 4 Designers: sketch skills

This fall I go to the 10th floor of MassArt's Tower Building for a course on drawing for designers. I am digging my first art class experience. My goal is to get handy enough with the pencil so I can capture design ideas and communicate my thoughts in educational settings.

On the first day of class, our teacher gave us some web resources to check out. One that really popped out for me was idsketching. If you are new to sketching or want to hone your skills this website has a ton of helpful nuggets. There is the sketch-a-day site which shows a video of Spencer Nugent drawing something out-of-control good (love his ghosting technique!). If you want to get inspired by other artists, there is the Sketchbook section which features current and past contributors. There is also helpful guides such as the the Workbench and Video series. All in all a great place to get inspired and beef up your sketch skills.