Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creative Literacy: My Galaxies

I was up in Maine last weekend for a wedding hosted at  a summer camp. It was really good to be out in the woods and part take in classic camp fanfare. One activity that was especially good was the star gazing. When thinking about what to blog about this week, my thoughts traveled back to the stars in Maine. And then I remembered this website I saw recently. It is called My Galaxies and its pretty darn sweet.

My Galaxies creates letter font based on the shapes of galaxies.  In education this would be a great tool for kiddos learning their alphabet or newcomers to the Latin Alphabet. There is the artistic theme which attracts your attention. The scientific background which opens up cool class topics. And since some of the galaxies are not perfect, it creates an opportunity for learners to compare the galaxy letters to the correct letter shapes.