Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dodge Dart: life of a designer

Lately my early am sessions have consisted of a cup of tea, a cozy couch, and some books by Nigel Cross who writes about designers and the design process. They are great reads if this topic strikes your fancy.

Doing design, thinking about design, and writing about design has become a new passion of mine. I love it for so many reasons. The cognitive exploration of creativity. The construction of new things (websites, curriculum, robots, toy cars). And sharing the good word with kids and teachers about the awesomeness of design. So when I came across this video, my brain blew a lid. It is one of the coolest commercials I have ever seen. And it does a really good job of capturing the essence of modern design. If you are teaching about design, creativity, product development, or anything that is relevant to making things this is a great hook to your lesson.