Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Curiosity: fly me to mars

Been cranking away on building a toaster-oven sized robot with four wheels and an arm-mechanism that can seek and pick up items. The real world connection is to simulate a robot that works in search and rescue settings such as environmental disasters.

While putting this rescue bot together my intern and I were chatting and he told all about the recent launch of Curiosity. Its kind of a big deal if you are into space or robots. The robot cost 2.5 billion dollars, millions of mechanical parts, and has all kinds of lab equipment such as a rock splitting laser for getting those hard to reach samples. This bad boy was launched into space 8 months ago and it landed on Mars this weekend safe and sound, yee haa!  It is super inspiring to know that humans can create a gizmo that can travel through space, land on a foreign planet, and then bounce around collecting knowledge for earthlings.