Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Robotics Academy: start here

Yesterday I was working with two technology/engineering K-12 teachers, a 25 year veteran engineer, a STEM educator from iRobot, and future North Eastern mechanical engineer student. We go together to pow wow on ways to create innovative robotics resources for teachers new to the bot world. Lots of great ideas and next steps came out of this conversation. 

Robotics curriculum is en fuego in the STEM world. If you are thinking about taking on a robot project or if you expectantly found yourself in a position to teach robotics, here is an excellent resource: Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Academy. These guys have been in the robot education biz for a long time. They have a ton of good stuff from a library of online videos to manuals on how to start a robot program. Some of the materials have to be purchased but there is also a ton of free resources.