Sunday, June 3, 2012

NASA City: space innovation

Just last week SpaceX's privately funded space craft, the Dragon, flew into space and docked with the International Space Station. Can you imagine how excited you would be if you were up in space and got a care package from people down on Earth. And what do you think the astronauts get? I am happy industry has stepped in to keep space flight alive. Young kids will continue to grow up believing one day they could be an astronaut.

Although industry will take a lead in developing space ships, NASA is going to continue to play a role in a number of space program responsibilities. At the top of the list is education. At the K-12 level, if you search the web on NASA school resources, you will find a ton of stuff. One of the best resources is NASA City. It is a virtual environment where you can explore the impact NASA research has had on everyday technologies from foam pillows to hydrogen-powered automobiles. The website is interactive, includes video, text and audio. And has a kid friendly user interface.