Sunday, May 6, 2012

Educreations: video productions

Publishing online videos is a norm. Think YouTube. I am not super confident about making my own videos. But I know from both empirical research and general trends among youth that I need to get on this to be successful in education. One direction I am going is online tutorials to teach 3-D design practices. 

I use a PC so finding affordable video publishing software is not easy. Luckily my work takes care of this cost. But that doesn't help you. If you have a Mac then you are in luck because iMovie provides basic video publishing features. The good news for everyone is producing video is not limited to software. You can now record videos using web based applications. A really good one is EduCreations. First the down side. You can not record actions you do on the screen such as teach someone how to use MS Excel. But you can record your handwriting and voice on a whiteboard screen. Here is some more good news, Educreations is free!