Sunday, May 13, 2012

Collapsus: energy crisis story

Most students are aware of green issues. A great challenge for all is energy security. Fossil fuels are a limited resource. And they pollute. Renewable, clean energies are on the rise but there is great tension in this transition.

If you are teacher interested in tackling this topic, check out Collapsus. It is an interactive website that incorporates documentary film, animation, maps, and fictional story. You follow the adventures of 10 people throughout the globe who are involved in an international energy crisis. The design is awesome. There are three viewing panels. The center panel is for watching the animation/documentary story. The right panel is for news briefings and quick lectures from environmental experts. And the left panel is a world map where you can interact with resource games. If your interest is piqued, check out the director's introductory video.