Sunday, May 20, 2012

Instructables: learn how to make things

Currently I am in big time research mode on how to make a robot. Its for my work and let me tell you this is a wicked cool project. I am blown away how much robot stuff is out there from spider climbing bots to automated farming equipment. This morning I just watched a video on a cow milking robot. 

In my quest for robot resources I came across this must-share-resource: Instructables. It is a website where members post tutorials (videos, documents, manuals) on how to make things. This do it yourself (DIY) community is loaded with goodies. Some of my favorites are making a solar vibrobot cockroach and a backpacking bar recipe. I see all sorts of classroom applications ranging from a project-based class unit to a quick shout out to students who have the knack (reference to a Dilbert video).