Sunday, March 11, 2012

EcoMUVE: virtual science simulation

Last weekend I attended Ed Tech Teacher's Winter Conference. The event was at Mircrosoft's N.E.R.D Center. If you are in the Kendal Sq. area of Cambridge, this building is worth a look see. There are amazing views of the Charles River and Boston skyline. In the open layout space there are star trek looking lounge chairs, side tables with digital chess boards, and to quench your thirst automated coffee drinks from ice coffee to mocha late. Pretty damn good.

The key note of this conference was Chris Dede.  He has been studying and practicing the use of emerging technologies for decades and his new project on the cooker is fantastic. It is called EcoMUVE. This NSF funded project provides middle school student an opportunity to learn about ecosystem science in an immersive virtual environment. Click on this video link HERE to watch a video introduction. Virtual learning simulations will definitely be a part of day-to-day education in the near future, and EcoMUVE is a pioneer in this practice.