Saturday, February 18, 2012

Khan Academy: flipped education

At Boston University I am taking an e-learning course. Interesting topic and definitely impacting the evolution of education. If numbers get your fancy, e-learning generates 34 billion dollars,  there are 25,000 online courses, and 3 million college and K-12 students are enrolled in online-only education.  Huge. Check out this infographic for the source of this data and more.

Teachers know how challenging it can be to provide personalized instruction to their 25-30 students each and every classroom period. Using the power of the internet, algorithms as well as cool visualization techniques, non-profits and small businesses are rolling out helpful tools that solve this problem.  Khan Academy is definitely the most well known, made famous by Bill Gates.  It is collection of 2,700 plus YouTube lectures with over 41 million views. Khan Academy created some cool gaming theories to enhance the learning experience. Star points for solving problems. An interactive personalized skill development tree. And a custom profile that tracks your points, badges, and progress.