Thursday, February 2, 2012


My goal is to share awesome resources with teachers. 

Updated March 2015
The mission of this blog has been to share awesome resources with educators. In my work as a curriculum developer, teacher trainer, and STEM education researcher I come across a lot of cool materials. Instead of these resources collecting digital dust, I have been posting a resource every week.

These weekly blog post will continue to occur and now I am adding a new resource, which is sharing K-12 project ideas tried and tested by classroom educators. The goal is to get teachers fired up about project-based learning, design, integrated STEM and other topics related to creativity and problem solving. To support this goal each project will be a snapshot of curriculum inspiration that covers the student experience, classroom value, teaching challenges, and some implementation solutions.

If you want to share a killer project idea you have used in the classroom that would be great! Check out the Project Ideas page to learn more.